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Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications
What we do
The average consumer now has access to smartphones and mobile devices with a wide array of sophisticated features and tools. Our talented mobile developers understand how to leverage these new technologies in order to create custom solutions for our clients.

Apolonet is comprised of young, highly trained mobile developers from Spain and Moldova, a GMT +2.0 Eastern European country. Our specialists strive to create powerful mobile applications that make use of the innovative technologies consumers hold in their hands every day. From cameras to sensors to touch screens to geo-location capabilities, we make use of what smartphones already offer to provide amazing, fresh mobile apps.

Our mobile applications development team is made up of passionate iOS, Android and Windows Phone developers. We can write native mobile apps with Objective-C (iOS), Java (Android) and C# (Windows Mobile), hibrid and mobile web apps using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, or even use frameworks such as Xamarin bassed on C#.

We are especially proud to have outsourced some of the most forward-thinking professionals in the field of mobile app development to leading firms worldwide. At Apolonet, we do more than just use existing smartphone technologies. We imagine how we can leverage new technologies to create world-class user experiences on behalf of all of our clients.

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