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Tech Recruitment

We extend and reinforce your in-house team with Spanish and Moldavian software developers.

You hire promising tech talent and we take all the hassle out of the software development process while representing your brand.

Tech Recruitment

Hybrid Development Team

Moldavian specialists are held in high esteem for their theoretical background, logical and mathematical thinking and excellent programming skills. This is because of the bias towards mathematics and science during primary, secondary and high school in Moldova’s curriculum.

On the other hand our people in Spain bring color, passion and cheerfulness to the software we produce. All those are mandatory ingredients for great user-centric software products. The results are software products that are logical, fast, reliable but also intuitive, crisp and nice.


You hire promising talent

We have access to a deep pool of talented software developers in Spain and Moldova.

You monitor their progress

Our developers are comfortable reporting on popular project management tools like JIRA, Redmine, Assembla & Basecamp.

You control your developers

We start software development in an agile way, following SCRUM methodology, adding valuable experience and insight as we go.

Your minimum involvement is required

We leave it to you to determine the preferred degree of monitoring and involvement.

Exclusive dedication

Because we are small our dedication to your project will be almost exclusive.

We represent your brand

We will represent your brand when dealing with your end customers, as if we were a natural extension of your team.


We offer talented software developers fully dedicated to your long-term software development project needs. We leave it to you to determine the preferred contractual engagement model - Apolonet-managed or Client-managed dedicated software development team, as well as the preferred degree of monitoring and involvement.


Suited for long-term projects with dynamically changing requirements and undefined scope. Regular reports with logged in effective man-hours are provided. Payment at task conclusion or bi-weekly at our standard hourly rate, or charged against a pack of hours that can be purchased upfront with a discount up to 25%.


Preferred option when it comes to software development projects with well-defined specifications and scope. We will discuss milestones closely with you to first build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). After MVP acceptance and sign off we will continue adding additional features via new releases. Lock down the scope, requirements and cost.