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Application Packaging

We package business critical applications for companies starting at ten thousand computers.

Application Packaging is complex, time-consuming and expensive. Clients partner with us because we make the application packaging process easy, fast and cost-effective.

Application Packaging

Application Packaging experts

We turn the traditionally complex and resource-intensive application packaging service into a simple and affordable one through a combination of a cloud-based application packaging factory and self service SaaS application packaging platform.

With a 5-years track record as global application packaging consultant in multinational environment, our company founder has a deep understanding how to set up, streamline and coordinate a managed application packaging service that is easy, fast and affordable.


Packaging As-a-Service

Cloud-based self-service application packaging solution. No configuration or set-up charges. Application packaging made more quickly, more easily and more cost-effectively.

Packaging Factory

Cloud-based application packaging factory relying on an established network of remote delivery centers for easy, scalable and cost-effective application packaging service.


We supply dedicated application packaging engineers to organisations in every sector. We have access to 100+ application packaging specialists in Romania and Spain.



We deliver high quality, scalable and cost-effective application packaging service.

Application packaging at a fixed cost per application, regardless of complexity. Cost based on the complexity estimation: easy, medium or complex. Full-time dedicated application packaging engineers at a fixed monthly rate. Choose the collaboration model that suits you best!

Packaging formats, tools and platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) & App-V
  • Citrix XenApp
  • VMware ThinApp
  • Flexera AdminStudio
  • Microsoft Orca & App-V Sequencer
  • PACE
  • IT InstEd
  • Microsoft Windows Desktop (Win7, Win8 & Win10)
  • Microsoft Windows Server & RDS
  • Citrix XenApp
  • Citrix XenDesktop


Hire dedicated application packaging engineers to cover your software estate needs.

Apolonet can source expert specialists covering all the required disciplines including application packaging consultants, discoverers, application packaging engineers, UAT coordinators and deployment specialists.

Founder in charge, with a 5-year track record as Global Software Packaging Consultant in multinational pharma environment, working diligently to offer an Application Packaging service that is reliable, fast and cost-effective by relying on a combination of Self Service and Factory.

Mr. Andrei Vrabie is Eastern European, leaving in Spain since 2002. Having strong connections with Moldova & Romania gives him, and therefore Apolonet, the power to source highly qualified application packaging engineers, with fluent English, currently working for organizations that set the Application Packaging industry standards, such as IBM Romania and its subcontractors.

We recruit the best technicians and consultants for all the disciplines you need to help you manage your applications estate: 

  • Application Discovery
  • Application Packaging
  • Application Remediation
  • Application Deployment
  • Application Testing

We are relying on a combination of a cloud-based application packaging factory and SaaS application packaging platform to deliver top-class Application Packaging service.

All our packagers work full-time for our customers and at the moment we can only offer dedicated resources for ≥ 6 months collaboration engagements.

We are working diligently in setting up a physical Application Packaging hub in Tortosa (Spain), and will be able to cover this requirement shortly. 

If you need part-time dedicated packagers, please let us know. That will help us plan better the resources we need to relocate to Tortosa.

Tortosa is a small town situated 200 Km south from Barcelona following the AP7 highway. It offers all the benefits you’d expect from a big city, but at a fraction of its life cost.

All things equal - projects, salaries, free launch, remote working – we still offer one major benefit, and that is renting a 2 bedroom apartment at the same cost as one room in a flatshare in Barcelona.

Our employees have more money to study, travel and mitigate personal & professional live.  Consequently it is easier for us to attract talented application packaging specialists from Eastern Europe to relocate here in Spain. Therefore we have a continuous supply of fresh and expert talent that empowers us to deliver success for our customers.