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we design and develop complex software and powerful mobile applications

Apolonet is a software development company with outsourcing hubs in Spain and Moldova

We are a group of technology enthusiasts coming from a variety of  companies and roles in the mobile, eCommerce, insurance, pharmaceutical and banking sectors. Working primarily on our own start-up projects, we founded Apolonet to enrich our knowledge, strengthen our experience and enlarge our vision.

Some of the Apolonet´s team members:

Founder & CEO

CTO & IT Architect

Lead PHP Developer

Lead Java Developer

Lead .NET Developer

We have strong background and broad expertise building complex mobile applications, websites, webapps, web services and custom software solutions. Below are some projects we have fully undertaken or participated in the development:*:

VOTO for Flat Rock Technologies


Note-Ol® for UQE Technologies


* As a white label software development company most of our projects are protected by NDAs and cannot exibit them publically on our web. Do not hesitate to contact us for more portfolio.

We love cross-platform projects, with complex requirements and interactive user experiences, and we always bring them to fruition on time and within budget. Our clients testify:

Jaume Gutierrez - Founder at Ibiza Club Pass

A layoff and personal crisis was enough to make me re-consider an old idea for mobile applicaction. With a tight budget but great enthusiasm I started my search for appropiate software development companies. I chose Apolonet because they had reasonable programming costs and trully captured the essence of my idea. I could not forsee the difficulties I'd encounter in raising funds, so currently this project is on hold, indefinitely. But I must say the level of detail in the execution and the professionalism of the Apolonet team are indisputable. Be it the case, I will definitely rely on them again.

Jordi Sanchez - CTO at UQE Tecnologies

At UQE Technologies we have developed the iOS version of Note-Ol® and were urgently looking for a reputable company to port it to Android. We chose Apolonet because they seemed comfortable with the complex requirements and agreed to our critical deadlines. Soon it became clear we did the right choice. They have developed the app, on time and within budget, and fully assisted us with the difficult QA we had to run.  Currently Note-Ol® for Android is a robust, well polished app and is available for download on Google Play. And Apolonet became our trusted software development partner.